Ultimate Issues Lesson 4: "Christ the Only Way"

Quest Men's Bible Study for June 17, 2020


How will you survive the judgment of God? Why should God let you into heaven? What is the gospel? Many people’s answers to these questions indicate that they are depending on their own merits to be accepted by God. By contrast, in this lesson, Dr. Sproul affirms with Scripture that Christ is the only way to God.


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  3. Immediately after the large group, discussion groups meet via Zoom. If you are in a group, your leader has the link you need. If you are not yet in a group, contact Scott Wylie.


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  1. How would you respond to someone who questions the notion that salvation is being saved from sin and not being saved from God?

  2. What did Dr. Sproul mean when he said, “The scariest thing in the whole universe is a holy God who requires us to pass the bar of judgment with absolute perfection.” Which Scriptures support this assertion of holy perfection? How is this even attainable?

  3. Why is the life of Christ just as important as His death? Do Christians make the mistake of emphasizing one over the other?

  4. Why is justification the article upon which the church stands or falls?

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