Ultimate Issues Lesson 2: "The God Who Is There"

Quest Men's Bible Study for June 3, 2020


How can we know that God exists? Are there any signs of His existence in creation? Many would argue that seeing is believing, but God’s eternal power and divine nature are on display in everything He has made. In this lesson, Dr. Sproul affirms with the Apostle Paul that we can know “the God who is there.”


  1. Prior to our class time, watch the video lecture for this lesson. The curriculum link is below.

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  3. Immediately after the large group, discussion groups meet via Zoom. If you are in a group, your leader has the link you need. If you are not yet in a group, contact Scott Wylie.


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  1. How did Kant’s denial of causal thinking open the door for secularism and agnosticism? What are some examples of this from society today?

  2. Other than the Big Bang theory, what are some ways that the origin of the universe is conceived of? How would you respond to someone with an opposing viewpoint?

  3. What are some examples of contemporary human religious systems or beliefs that strip God of His sovereignty or deity?

  4. How can human achievement and success result in ingratitude? Does God want us to put our talents and gifts on display?

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