Lesson 1: God's Plan for Everything

Updated: Jan 11

Lesson 1, The Story of Everything, Quest Men's Bible Study


God is telling one great story.

All of creation is made for His glory, and He has a plan for every part of it. How can every single thing reflect God’s glory? Is it wrong for God to seek His own glory? This unit will introduce the great story of God’s plan to bring everything together for His own glory: the story of everything.


  1. Join us at 7:00am in the Parlor at Colonial Baptist Church. (Come little early for coffee and a light breakfast.)

  2. Do you have a health risk related to COVID-19? You can participate via Zoom using THIS LINK.

  3. Immediately following the large group, we break into discussion / prayer groups. If you are not yet in a group, contact Scott Wylie.


  1. The problem of loneliness and insignificance is a lack of glory. God's glory fixes the problem. It's His plan for everything. Read Habakkuk 2:14. What would the world be like if God's glory filled it?

  2. God's glory is the weightiness of all He is. It is the beautiful summation of all His attributes. Which of the following are true of God's glory?

  3. Man was made to "image" or reflect God's glory

  4. God saves sinner for His own glory

  5. God cares more about us than about His glory

  6. God's concern for His glory is good for us

  7. Does God's glory make Him a narcissist? Is he prideful? No! God is not trying to prove Himself to anybody but only to show Himself as He is. How is it that God can care for His own glory and not be prideful?

  8. Mankind’s joy is unfulfilled without God’s glory. Those who embrace God’s glory are forever saved from loneliness and insignificance. Those who resist God’s glory are forever lost in loneliness and insignificance. How does God’s glory save us from loneliness and insignificance?

  9. God’s glory is seen most clearly in the Gospel of Jesus. Martin Luther asked, “For what is the Gospel but a declaring of the glory of God and His work?” How would you summarize the Gospel story?

  10. God's glory and His grace in Jesus make the invisible visible. Read Ephesians 1:9-10. How does the person and work of Jesus display God's glory?

  11. God is telling a story about everything. All of creation is united in God's plan in the Gospel. How does understanding the 'story of everything' keep us from thinking the Gospel message is only about our personal salvation?

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