Lesson 2: Distinct in my Influence

Updated: Feb 3

QUEST Men's Bible Study / February 3, 2021

Make your influence count for what matters. / Matthew 5:13-20


  • Join us at 7:00am in the Parlor at Colonial Baptist Church. (Come little early for coffee and a light breakfast.)

  • Do you have a health risk related to COVID-19? You can participate via Zoom using THIS LINK.

  • Immediately following the large group, we break into discussion / prayer groups. If you are not yet in a group, contact Scott Wylie.

Lesson Outline and Discussion Questions:

Key Truth: Make your influence count for what matters.


  • Consider what a normal day looks like for you. What are some ways you can be in the world but not of it?

  • In what ways might you better prepare yourself for the influential opportunities God has built into your daily schedule?

Point 1: Men who are distinctly Christian influence the world for good. (Matthew 5:13)

  • Salt flavors and preserves. How do Christians both preserve and improve culture? How can you retain your uniqueness as a Christian while influencing those around you?

  • What are some specific ways God uses us to make people thirsty for Him?

Point 2: Men who are distinctly Christian point the world to Jesus Christ. (Matthew 5:14-16)

  • How do we shine our light in a way that brings glory to God and not ourselves? What does application of this passage look like in your home, work, clubs and church?

  • What obstacles prevent you from shining the light of Christ more brightly?

Point 3: Men who are distinctly Christian are committed to the truth of Scripture. (Matthew 5:17-20)

  • When has the Bible sparked your ability to live as salt and light? Is there a time you’ve been able to apply God’s Word to your daily life?


  • What's one step you can take this week to live as salt and light in your community?

  • What hinders believers from fulfilling their distinct purposes as salt and light? What barriers must we overcome to obey Jesus in this regard?

Pray: Share any requests or concerns you have with your group, and pray together of those requests.

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