Dealing with Difficult Problems Lesson 3: "How to Deal with Guilt"

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Quest Men's Bible Study for July 8, 2020


A universal problem shared by all people is guilt. The effects of guilt can be more than one can bear. So what do we do when experiencing the problems associated with guilt? And, what if we do not feel our guilt; does that make us innocent? In this lesson titled, “How to Deal with Guilt,” Dr. Sproul helps us distinguish the difference between guilt and feelings of guilt, and how to deal with both.


  1. Prior to our class time, watch the video lecture for this lesson. The curriculum link is below.

  2. Join us online via Zoom for a large group review. The Zoom link is below.

  3. Immediately after the large group, discussion groups meet via Zoom. If you are in a group, your leader has the link you need. If you are not yet in a group, contact Scott Wylie.


Access the curriculum HERE

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  1. Suggest ways that unresolved guilt might be manifested if it isn’t acknowledged (for example, poor self-esteem).

  2. What are some reasons we might continue to feel guilty even after we have repented and been forgiven by God?

  3. Read Psalm 51 and discuss David’s prayer after he had sinned with Bathsheba. How did he deal with his guilt?

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